Thursday, October 16, 2014

october sixteenth

Hi. yeah.... hi.

So its........ October! How is everyone's october coming along? good? yeah? let's hope so. If its not, dont worry, tomorrow will always be a better day. ;)

I have no idea what to blog about so how about some pictures from whats left of my previous Icloud :)
I miss my nong nong hair :(
 Love this woman ♡
 The other day when I had some alone time I had my favorite TCC aglio oliooooo~
 & my cousin got my dream carrrrrr :(
 kittiessssss ♡ ♡ ♡
 My favorite colleagues from intern♡
 Roxanne and Roseanne hahahahahaha sorry im so lame
 Phuket with the Tiramisu Hero Crew~~
 Here's our villa btw. ITS A M A Z I N G.

 HAHAHA dont ask me why. it was fun.

HAHAHAH captain's ball with stockings. I cant even...
 haha my cute little wisdom tooth.
Common Man Coffee Roasters!! YUM YUM YUM. looking at this now is making me so hungry. Prolly one of the best churros I've tasted. (other than churrosity-aka my fav)
 Sunday Folks :)
sooooo yummmy okay goodnight.

ohoh! check out my Japan Day 1 video ;)


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