Tuesday, September 16, 2014

nothing much

Hi. So initially I had so many plans to be making videos and stuff. Unfortunately, my laptop failed on me. Hardware disk failure or whatever and everything's pretty much gone. Pictures, videos, everything. I'm not too sure if i am totally sad about it. But I guess everything happened for a reason and I guess these things were meant to be erased yknow? What sucks is that my old itunes playlist is gone and I am so short of time to be filling it up. I feel like.. I've lost track of my life. All I do is work, dance and sleep. Human interaction feels very unnecessary these days. It feels like I'm not meant to be here and I'm just born way too late. Its weird. I dont know how to cope and I'm not too sure what to do about anything. There are good days and there are bad.. nothing dramatic (thank god). Life's been pretty exhausting. & I feel absolutely hideous looking. I've gained some weight after my internship and I get sad sometimes about it. I have no mood to answer any questions on my askfm so please pardon me.

On a side note, I extracted two wisdom tooth this morning and I think I almost had an anxiety attack when I looked down and saw a glimpse of the needle. So ironic, supposedly anaesthetic makes you feel nothing but the hugeass needle makes you feel the most. Well at least its almost over. Another two to go. hooray(not)

AND!! I've been watching Orange is the New Black. Totally addicted to it. I cant stop and my body clock is messed up. alright back to it. Have a great week ahead if anyone still reads this.


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