Friday, August 1, 2014

Sun time Fun time

Hi guys! another weekend is here and therefore another vlog! hehe. this time I went to the beach with my friend Natalie! I first met her when I was working at Awfully Chocolate and we've been hanging out once in a while ever since with the other AC girls :)

So after postponing our meet-ups so many times, we've finally decided that we HAD TO make it happen by hook or by crook. We started googling on cafes to visit and settled for Kith's at Sentosa Cove since the beach was just there. 

So Brunch!!
We ordered
 Blackstone Eggs for Nat-good but pretty simple to do on your own so its not rly worth the price.
 Truffle Fries-have had better ones. a little too soggy :/ & extra truffle oil is additional $4 :(
Salmon & Eggs for me-perfect. I loved every single bit of it. avocado mayo was so good. I actually likes the baked beans for once. and the bread....oh the bread..... I needed to take it home w me cuz I couldnt finish it and I couldnt bare to throw it away.
 Sunlight is the best lighting any girl can have so CAMWHORE!!
Beach babe being all cute and stuff

& here's a short vlog to sum up this post! :) hehe enjoy~



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