Monday, July 14, 2014

Start of Something New

Hi everyone!! (just wanted to post the latest picture of me I have on photobooth and this is what I got, deal with it)
After contemplating and procrastinating for so long I've decided to start blogging again. Just for keeps-sake and to have something nice to look back to.
Quick update on whats going on in my life:
I've been busy with internship, major project, driving lessons and dance! YES! I'm back to dancing because it makes me happy! I like how I dont even have to think about anything at all apart from the pain of physical training since I've not exercised much for the past 3+ years. & my internship is ending I cant wait! Going through internship made me realised how much fun school is and how the outside world is so so messed up. Now I dont wanna grow up. I dont wanna be an adult :( sigh pie. It sucks. But overall its fine~ a little mundane but its gna be over soon and there's so much to look forward to in the near future.

So! I have been taking quite a few videos and have decided that I'd like to do more vlogs unlike before. I want to talk to you guys instead of typing it all out and stuff and share my outings with you guys! :) Will bring my camera out more often now and upload videos constantly on my youtube channel! do check it out here

 Lately I've been spending most of time with Ash and we've been doing a lot of retarded things. & we've decided to just do a friendship tag since we had nothing to do and I hope you enjoy it! :)

I hope everyone's well and have a good week ahead!
Psst! We have more exciting videos coming up!! hehe stay tuned.

Preview of next vlog:

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